There is nothing better than the simplicity of falling asleep with someone. Your breathing syncs with theirs as you listen to the steady rhythm of their heartbeat, and you trace lazy circles on their chest with your fingertips. Your limbs effortlessly intertwine; a leg draped over theirs, their arms wrapped around you. You talk to each other in voices weighed down by the temptation of sleep, and without looking you can hear the smile in each other’s voice. When sleep starts to tug at your eyes and you’re silent for a while, they turn their head towards you and ask if you’re still awake, their voice gentle and low in case you aren’t. And whether it’s because of how tired you are or maybe you’re just too damn content, the only response you can give is to happily sigh and nuzzle your face into their neck. In response, they kiss your forehead and hold you tighter in their arms. There’s so many words that could be said yet neither of you needs to say anything at all, because you’re both thinking the same thing. In that moment, nothing else matters; there is only the here and now. And when sleep finally pulls you under, all you can think about is how truly happy you are.